Power From Below welcomes the zapatistas to Turku, Finland! (SPANISH SUBTITLES)

Posted on 2021-06-14   |   Gender,nature and survival
Power From Below welcomes the zapatistas to Turku, Finland! (SPANISH SUBTITLES)

In the 1500’s there was a great movement of Spain into the territories of the Mexico and Aztecs. It was heralded as the myth of conquest (a miraculous victory over so many people by so few), the conquistadores and missionaries. They used the Papal Bull from Pope Alexander VI to introduce the encomienda system in the new world colonies. Which gave rise to the debate in 1550, over Spanish rights to enslave the native peoples in the newly conquered lands.

This did not stop the plunder, exploitation and extermination of the land and people in these territories for profit then. And it still has not stopped now. This legacy has not changed in principle but has acquired a new name and way of functioning. The inventory and profit margins still remain the same.

This journey of life should be taken, by all; as a sign that declares. Life is Valuable and cannot be easily destroyed because it is resilient and continues even after centuries of oppression, exploitation, and extermination. This journey of life to Spain declares just that! 

As the world is round, so is the cycle of life. 500 years ago, they set off from Europe in the quest to find a new quicker route other than that which went around Africa. To reach the Spice Islands, China, and Japan in the trade for Chinese silk, spices, and other goods. Believing that the peoples, they found in these new lands under natural law were natives, subjects of Spain. Incapable of setting sail and arriving at any port in Europe.

Now the Zapatistas have set sail. To Dock in a port in Europe to state that they and all who were colonised, believed to be incapable under natural law have arrived. We are Human too! Capable in every way. And that is what makes us EQUAL!