Women's Day 2022 TURKU

Women's Day 2022 TURKU

I can't believe I will still have to protest this sh * t!

On International Women's Day we will come together in Turku on the Theather bridge at 19.00 and show our joint strength against sexual violence. There will be speeches and music, and the program will be more specific later.

Still, women can't live in safety in this area called Finland. Why is the threat of violence still present, even though the Finnish state has declared itself a model country for equality in the world? Talk about equality probably sells well.

Women defining and defined through race and nationality, still feel threathened in in Finland, regardless of social class and income level. However, some are much more vulnerable compared to others.

White heteropatriarchy demands that women, people seen as women and even people with a tiny bit of femininity are opressed. This patriarchy demands that those that it deems as men don't show emotions. White capi

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