Minneh Nyambura Wanjiku

She is a seasoned professional administrator with experience spanning over 10 years in all administrative tasks including procurement, budgeting, accounting, research, corresponding, scheduling and organising. Throughout the years, she has had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, age groups, beliefs and professions, which in turn has broaden her worldview and perspective. In addition, Minneh has gained remarkable ability to tailor her skills to meet the needs of specific clients. She has increased efficiency in the roles held and is very deliberate in teaching and guiding new trainees. As an administrator, she has also assisted in development of a number of employee development programs and team building activities. Minneh has served in different positions and is the Personal Assistant to the Director, and Office administrator at African Women Studies Centre, University of Nairobi, Kenya. She graduated from the Kenya Institute of Management with a Diploma in Business Management; holds a Diploma in Travel & Tourism (Kenya Utalii College); and is a certified consultancy in Travel & Tourism (IATA Training & Development Institute, Montreal). She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management . Outside from her career, Minneh is an active member in a number of organisations in her community such as Naitera Community Empowerment Programme (Kiambu-Kenya), a community based non-profit organisation aimed at ensuring sustainable livelihoods, cleaner environment managed through democratic governance of the community for the benefit of all. Other interests include: publications layout and design, editing and formatting of manuscripts, short piece writing and reading.